Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y is for Yummy

Source: Wikimedia Commons
I'm stretching here because I couldn't think of any place on Martha's Vineyard that started with a "y" except the YMCA. And there's not much I could write about that.

So I decided to write about two of the yummiest places on the island instead.

My favorite is Chilmark Chocolates, which has some of the best candy I've ever tasted, bar none. The chocolates are homemade and come in so many varieties that it's hard to decide what to get to fill your box when you visit the store. In addition to being amazing candy makers, the owners of Chilmark Chocolates run a special program to employ mentally disabled Islanders and they use specially modified machinery to meet their employees' needs. They also sponsor a different Island non-profit organization each month, with portions of their proceeds going to that organization.

It's nice to be able to support good people who also make an extraordinary product.

Another yummy business is Mad Martha's Ice Cream. Mad Martha's has three cute ice cream parlors on the island and their ice cream is homemade. I've been going there since I was a kid and I've never had any ice cream there that wasn't wonderful.

It's safe to say that it's difficult to stick to a diet while on the Vineyard.

My A-Z of Martha's Vineyard theme is inspired by my book, The Ghosts of Aquinnah, which is set on the island. Click here for all the info on the book.


  1. That's really nice the chocolate place hires people with disabilities.

  2. The pieces of chocolate were almost too delicious-looking at this early hour. Great industry that hires special needs people, and provides the necessary machinery.

  3. Now I want chocolate and ice cream. Hmm, breakfast is over but maybe for lunch? :)

  4. Both places go the homemade route? That most definitely deserves a "yum"! And wow, how amazing that Chilmark Chocolates goes out of their way to employ the mentally disabled...

  5. Hmm, now I'm thinking chocolate for breakfast...

  6. Yummy...is a great word. Chilmark sounds like a fantastic organization!

  7. You don't have to do any more than show me that picture of chocolate to convince me. I'll have to try and visit this place someday. :)

  8. Yummy! Chilmark sounds like a wonderful and yummy company. :)

  9. Yummy! Chilmark sounds like a wonderful and yummy company. :)

  10. Sounds like two amazing places. I would love that ice-cream today. Yum!

  11. Very cool. Now I want to visit, just for the chocolates.

    True Heroes from A to Z

  12. Very clever! I wondered what your Y was going to be. I'm making a note about Mad Martha's Ice Cream.

  13. Yummy is right! Now I have a powerful craving for chocolate! ;)

  14. I just opened up my lunch and am eating a basic sandwich when i came to see your post and my eyes got transfixed on the chocolate.....mmmmmmmmmm.....
    chocolate. oh wait, still thinking about the chocolate and now want to go to the island to taste this and the ice cream. I think it is wonderful what they are doing and more companies should do this instead of moving to China or Mexico. Now I am going back to dreamland and jumping through chocolate fairyland

  15. Chilmark Chocolates and Mad Martha's ice cream have a sort of ring to them. They do sound yummy, and I'm craving some now. I can't resist chocs and ice cream.

    Julie - we're going to do it, and we're still alive. We must have the willpower after all. I suppose we have some determination otherwise we would not have written a novel.
    C E L E B R A T I O N S... tomorrow.

  16. Yay Chilmark Chocolates!!! My partner knows the owners well - and it's a remarkable, admirable, and DELICIOUS place :)

  17. Oh man, yum is right! And the chocolate place is so philanthropic. Love that!

  18. Chocolate! Who doesn't love chocolate? The Troubled. Like SYFY's Haven troubled.

  19. That's wonderful to hear that Chilmark Chcolates employ disabled people. My brother has Down's Syndrome so it always makes me happy to hear of companies trying to include people with disabilities into society.

    And those chocolates look delicious!

    Glad to have found your blog, I'm now following you through the wordpress reader - I know you can't see that on a blogger blog, so thought I'd let you know as it's always nice to hear of new followers! :)

  20. @Alex, agreed, it's a wonderful company.

    @Susan, yeah, it was nice to read about the machinery, I wouldn't even have thought of that but obviously it makes sense.

    @Madeline, I hope you enjoyed both. :D

    @Heather, I know, it's so rare to find anything homemade now it seems.

    @Sarah, sounds good to me!

    @Cathy, it is!

    @Trisha, I hope you make it. :)

    @Tyrean, it is both. :D

    @Murees, I hope you were able to get some ice cream. :)

    @Crystal, they are worth the visit.

    @Lee, I love the name Mad Martha's.

    @Chrys, me too LOL.

    @BIrgit, a good place to be. :D

    @Fanny, we've lived through the month, hooray!

    @Liz, agree on all counts.

    @Ava, it's a great combination, isn't it?

    @Sheena-kay, LOL. Troubled indeed.

    @Celine, oh, thanks so much! I am so glad to have met you and am following your blog as well.

  21. Hi Julie - chocolate and ice-cream at Y sound an exceedingly good idea ..

    cheers Hilary


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