Friday, October 28, 2011

Killer Characters Blogfest: Antagonists

The final day of the Killer Characters Blogfest is dedicated to the characters every good story needs - the villains who are up to no good, and the bad guys/girls who make the lives of our protagonists miserable. Today is all about antagonists.

As Halloween is right around the corner, I decided to choose characters with a scary or supernatural element for all of my killer character picks this week. My choice for antagonist is a mixture of both and, while I can't say these characters are among my favorite antagonists of all time as I have just discovered them, they are definitely my most recent favorite. They are the White Walkers from the tv show Game of Thrones, and the Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R. R. Martin.

I absolutely love Game of Thrones, and the White Walkers both intrigued and frightened me from the very start of the series. The first episode opens with a trio of watchmen who have the misfortune of coming upon the mysterious White Walkers.

That scene scared the heck out of me, and what was most frightening to me, besides the violence that made me hide my eyes, was the fact that we really didn't see the White Walkers. I often find the unknown much more frightening than what is known and seen.

Throughout the season, viewers never do know who the White Walkers are or what they want, but the references to them and their connection to the upcoming winter scared me to no end. The old woman heard here talking about the fear of winter and the White Walkers sent a chill up my spine.

As I have purposely avoided the books so that I won't be spoiled for the series, I still have no idea who or what the White Walkers are, and I love it that way. I am both anxious and scared to find out!

The White Walkers are the newest additions to my list of chilling and scary antagonists, and I can't wait for the return of Game of Thrones next year so I can learn more about them.

Thanks again to E.R. and Deana for hosting this fun fest! I had a great time! :)


  1. Oh, totally scary! I a wicked scaredy-cat, so I won't even watch stuff like that. But it sounds so intriguing...I admire the minds that come up with these things.xo

  2. Freaky! I agree with you the unknown can be terrifying. This makes me want to read the books

  3. Great choice! The evil we fear so much that we choose to ignore it is the the one that has the most power over us. Thanks for participating in the blogfest!

  4. Creepy. I think I'm going to have nightmares now.

  5. Um, I've never heard of this. But, it looks creepy!

  6. Excellent choice. I've only read the first book (and STILL haven't seen the HBO series. *sniff*) so I'm not exactly sure what those guys are either, but I know winter will be a little scarier for me this year because of them.

  7. i just started reading that!
    creepy! great job for dastardly characters!

    have a nice weekend!

  8. Nice choice. I haven't seen the show, but the ice walkers creeped me out in the book.

  9. They creeped me out in the first episode too. That and the episode were they did the blood magic. I think that was the season finale.

  10. Is this available on Netflix?

    Lake Forest, CA

  11. They gave me the creeps the first episode too. But the good creeps, if you get that.

  12. What a great time for this blogfest! Characters are totally perfect and creepy too. I'm in the mood for some horror this weekend--will check out these stories. :)

  13. I think most things end up being scariest when it's left up to our imaginations in just the right kind of way. I imagine it's hard to do, though.

  14. I haven't heard of this show. It looks awesome! I don't watch TV anymore unless it's on DVD. I need to get this for sure!!

  15. Good choice. They are scary!

  16. Good one! I was also terrified by that first scene--you're right, the unknown is definitely scarier than any monster. Unfortunately here on my island the series plays too late to be watchable... But I'll download it as soon as it becomes available (with subtitles for my Dutch boyfriend :) ) Thanks for this post!

  17. I'll have to check out Game of Thrones when I'm in the mood for a good scare. I agree that the fear of the unknown is the worst, especially when you're not prepared to duck before the most gruesome scenes.

  18. I've not heard of either of these but that picture scared the bejeezees out of me! Wow!

  19. Oooh, très creepy. Makes me want to watch the series and read the books.

  20. Sorry I haven't seen either of these shows but then I'm home alone to much for scary shows. :)

    Stopping by to say Hello!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  21. @Melissa, that's what I thought, I really admire the author as the story is just so imaginative! LOL, I'm a scaredy-cat too so I hide my eyes a lot. :D

    @Angela, I want to read the books too but I don't want to be spoiled for the series, so it's a dilemma for me LOL. I'm so curious to read the novels!

    @ER, thanks again for hosting it, this was a great blogfest!

    @JA, oh, I'm sorry, I hope you didn't end up with nightmares!

    @Jenny, it totally is LOL.

    @LG, if you can watch the series on Netflix when it's out I think you would love it. I got so addicted!

    @Tara, oh, I hope you like it!

    @Mary, yeah, I can imagine they are probably even creepier in the books.

    @aahsome, I don't think so, I don't think they have put out the DVDs yet but I'm not certain.

    @Jenny, yeah, the good creeps is a great way to put it, I loved it!

    @Shannon, that's what I think too. That's why I usually love books the most as I love imagining the characters in my own head.

    @Pk, if you end up watching I hope you like it!

    @Jen, thanks!

    @Guilie, I was totally hiding my eyes in that first scene, and it all happened in the first five minutes or so of the series LOL. I hope you like the show!

    @Julie, LOL, that is my biggest problem, I hate when I'm not prepared to duck or hide behind a pillow LOL.

    @Deana, I agree, the picture is so creepy!

    @Medeia, I hope you enjoy them if you decide to watch/read!

    @Jules, LOL, I know what you mean, sometimes I regret watching scary things and end up hiding behind the dog LOL.

  22. @Liz, I'm sorry I missed your comment, I messed myself up getting behind on the blog this weekend! Thanks so much, I hope you enjoyed the scares over the weekend. Happy Halloween! :)

  23. Julie - There's an award for you over at my blog today. However, I gave it to you for Pet Parent ... and I went over there and see you're closing up shop. Ack! I'll go in and make a note. The award is still yours. Up to you where to put it :)

  24. @Carol, oh, thank you, I will be over to get it. That's so nice of you, thanks! Yeah, two blogs ended up being too much for me, I definitely over-extended myself! Thanks again!


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