Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ten Random Things, and an Unusual Coffee Date

I was tagged by Lisa L. Regan for the "10 Things" posts going around the blogosphere. I'm tardy with my response as usual, but here are 10 totally random things about me. 
~ I'm an introvert by nature, and I hate talking about myself. But it's much easier and more fun to write about myself! ;) 

~ I’m a graduate of Ohio State, and I am a Buckeye to the core. Sadly, the football Buckeyes are not being kind to me this year, and have a feeling that their upcoming game against Wisconsin will make me feel like a masochist for watching it. 

~ I started my second blog, The Pet Parent Diaries, back at the end of August. It didn't take long to realize that writing two blogs is a heck of a lot harder than writing one. Yikes! 

~ I am not in the market for a new car, but if I were I would love to get a self-parking car. I long for one every time I see the commercials, as I am the worst parallel parker on the planet.

~ I used to be a social worker, and I worked as an emergency clinician for a psychiatric hospital. One night while I was on call, I was called to an area jail to assess a mentally ill inmate. He was in a completely psychotic state, and nearly strangled me. Thankfully one of the guards intervened before I was truly hurt, but it remains the most frightening night of my life. It's probably not a surprise I didn't remain a social worker for very long!

~ I am a total tv junkie. My all-time favorite shows are The Shield, The Wire, Arrested Development, Seinfeld, and the UK version of The Office.  At the moment, I can't wait for the totally addictive Game of Thrones to return. I’ve also been catching up on the UK show Torchwood, thanks to the recommendation of a friend, and Itunes!

~ I can’t read a map to save my life. Truly, if I was threatened with death unless I figured out directions from a map, it would most likely be the end of me.

~ My favorite place that I’ve ever visited is San Francisco. I loved everything about it.

~ I love peanut butter, and I could probably live on it if needed. I never tire of it, and I can eat it on just about anything. But only if it is Jif Creamy. I accept no substitutes.

~ I hate winter weather, but I love cold weather clothes. I’m much happier in jeans, sweaters, or sweats than I am in shorts and tees. This is probably because I am so fair-skinned I look like Casper the Ghost, and I have no ability to get a tan. I either remain a ghost, or burn to a crisp. 


Thanks to Lisa for tagging me for this list! If you are not already familiar with Lisa's blog, I highly recommend checking it out!

Now I get to tag five bloggers myself. These are bloggers I have just discovered in recent months, and they all have great blogs. I would enjoy learning more about all of them!

On a totally unrelated note, Clancy and I were featured on the coffee with a canine blog earlier this week, and we had a lot of fun participating. If you'd like to read my interview, you can find our entry here.This was the first time I've ever done an interview of any kind, so it's one more thing I can add to my list of firsts since I started blogging. :)


  1. I USE to work in a Federal prison, so I understand completely. And peanut butter is going up so stock up now. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I'm very fair-skinned too! Same with the sweats and long sleeved stuff. I LOVE Game of Thrones and can't wait for it to return. I'm quite perturbed that we have to wait so long. The prison story is really scary. Social work seems like a very, very, very difficult and demanding field and often dangerous. I salute social workers. I couldn't handle it. I'm glad you survived that horrible experience. It was fun to learn more about you!

  3. Julie, thanks for the "tag." :)

    I like TV, too - too much so, probably! My husband and I walk around quoting "Seinfeld." (I'm not sure if that's funny or just sad.)

  4. Thanks for the tag, Julie!
    I agree about the self-parking car. That would be so convenient!

  5. 1) Your social worker night is right out of a horror story.

    2) Parallel parking is a lot like writing -- some days everything slips into place so easily and other days someone keeps moving the darn curb.

    3) Jif Creamy -- nothing like it! Gotta have it and always always buy the mammoth jar :0)

    4) I'm also with yo on winter.

    I just knew we connected on a different level LOL

  6. @Jules, oh wow, I had no idea you worked at a prison. I can imagine my story would be all too common there, very scary! I read about peanut butter going up too and was crushed LOL. I've already stocked up as much as I can. :D

    @Lisa, thanks again for tagging me! Oh, Game of Thrones is just the best, isn't it? I can't believe we have to wait so long for it to be back.

    @Madeline, LOL, my family and I quote Seinfeld too, we never seem to tire of it! :D You're welcome for the tag, my pleasure.

    @Er, you're welcome! I want one of those cars so much, although I would probably find a way to mess it up somehow LOL.

    @Giggles, LOL, it seems people are moving the darn curb on me every day. I'm glad we have a connection on such important matters LOL. :D

  7. It's good to know a bit more about you, Julie.

  8. Like Jules, I worked in a jail as a deputy for a few years. Oh, yeah, those psych prisoners were a lot of fun. And the ones hyped up on PCP and other assorted drugs too. I would have totally put him in a choke hold for you. :D Actually, I'm glad we're both out of that kind of work.

    I'll have to check out Torchwood. I've been hooked on two British television series lately. Might as well add another. Fun list!

  9. I'm not a huge TV fan but there are a few shows that I like. I don't tan either but I love summer clothes! Glad you gave up that job but I bet you can work that story into your novel!

  10. Loved the Coffee with a Canine post! So nice to learn more about you and Clancy today. :)

  11. Torchwood is fabulous. One of my favorite shows. I love TV, too. Wish it was better than it is.

    My cousin, whose birthday is today, graduated from Ohio State, and my nephew is in his third year there now. My brother & his family are in Columbus. I probably told you that already.

  12. Thank you Julie! You are so sweet!

    So you are one of those non-map people. I think there must be a map gene you either get or don't get!

  13. no no no - I am the worst parallel parker in the world!! that's why I have a mini cooper and even now I try to find spaces I can drive straight into. That social worker episode was harrowing - yikes. loved finding out these tidbits about you - very cool.

  14. being an Ohio girl myself I say ........"Gooooo Buckeyes!!"

    I feel your pain about the two blogs...why I started a second I will never know, I have no time for the first.

    I ADORE peanut butter as well, sadly w/a type of kidneys that I have it is HORRIBLE for kidney stones...same with chocolate...two of my favorite things. I occasionally eat both anyway and I pay the price!

    I soooo enjoyed this!

  15. Hi Julie .. I think we know you can't read a map! Even Clancy knows that .. 2 blogs - yea I think we could have told you that too .. and Clancy's got way more tails/tales to tell than we have! Interesting to know a little more .. Cheers for now .. Hilary

  16. @JL, thanks!

    @LG, oh, how interesting you worked as a deputy. I definitely could have used you that night! About Torchwood, I watched the Children of the Earth miniseries and thought it was one of the best things I've ever seen. Now I'm catching up with what came before it.

    @LynnMarie, I have thought about trying to use some of my SW experience in a novel, thanks!

    @Janel, thank you!

    @Mary, oh, yeah, I do remember you said your brother lives in Columbus. It's nice you have a Buckeye family! I'm really enjoying catching up on Torchwood, I love Captain Jack! :D

    @Lydia, you're welcome, my pleasure! LOL, I definitely didn't get the map gene, I'm hopeless.

    @Melissa, LOL, I always look for spaces I can drive straight into. I will go around and around until I find one! Thanks so much.

    @Caren, yay, go Bucks! :) Oh, I didn't know peanut butter could cause kidney problems, I'm sorry you have trouble with that! Thank you!

    @Hilary, LOL LOL, it's true, Clancy is well aware of my deficiencies LOL. I think the two blogs might have been a mistake, but live and learn LOL. Cheers to you as well! :)

  17. Thanks so much for visiting me over at Tossing it Out during my guest post. I wanted to come by and check out your blog and realized I knew who you were. LOL. Sometimes my brain is just a little too slow to catch up.

  18. You're a Buckeye?! So's my sister, but my brother and I are heart of maize Wolverines ^_~

  19. @Ciara, LOL, I have had that happen as well. It's really hard to keep up with all the bloggers sometimes! I really enjoyed your guest post, great job.

    @Jenny, oh no, a Wolverine? I don't know if I can speak to you then LOL. ;)

  20. How horrible that you were almost strangled! On a lighter note, I also am a pathetic parallel parker and am completely useless with a map. As for my lack of pigment... BTW, I included a belated thank you for the Liebster award in my blog. Thanks again, Julie

  21. I totally agree with the self parking car! I had to parallel park this weekend downtown and it was so humiliating. I was running up on the curb over and over and people were walking by staring. Good times:)

  22. How do you ever find the time to write AND keep two blogs going? I've heard similar scary stories form Social Workers friends of mine and i have nothing but admiration from anyone who can do such a dangerous job.

  23. @Julie, it seems we have a lot of the same issues LOL! Oh, I will check out your post about the Liebster award, thanks for the heads-up. :)

    @Deana, oh, I can totally relate to your parking experience!! I am cringing just thinking about it, it's a total nightmare. I am so envious of people who are good at it, my sister is a wiz at it and I'm so jealous LOL.

    @Rosalind, I really can't, I think I made a mistake in starting the second blog! I need to get focused again, I'm getting behind in everything at this point.

  24. Wow I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to stay a social worker.

  25. A self-parking car? Incredible. I need to save my money for one of those.

    Be well, Julie.

  26. @Misha, yeah, it definitely wasn't the job for me!

    @Robyn, LOL, I dream of one of these cars, I hope I can get on eventually as it would sure make my life easier LOL.

  27. Oh! I'm so glad the strangler wasn't successful!

    I lived near San Fran a few years ago - such a wonderful place to visit. I saw someone with a "free hugs" sign. :)

  28. @Michelle, oh, the free hugs makes me laugh. I loved the street performers down by the wharf, and I thought it was such a fun place to just people-watch, in addition to being so beautiful. I hope I can get back there some day.

  29. What a fun post for a new follower to stumble on! (Thanks to the Killer blogfest. :)

    I love cold weather clothes, too, but I actually like the winter weather that goes with them.

  30. @Nisa, hi!! Thanks so much for coming by, it's great to meet you. I am looking forward to checking out your blog and also your entry for the Killer blogfest. Thanks again!

  31. Good heavens!! That must have been really scary!

    We are a Jif family too. No exceptions either. But hubby insists on chunky.

  32. @Jennifer, LOL, I have tried the other brands of peanut butter but they just can't compare to Jif. I get hungry for it now just typing the word! :D


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