Friday, October 7, 2011

Travels With Clancy: Kentucky Follies and Delhi Flowers

Clancy and I decided to head across the Ohio river to Kentucky for our latest Travels, and visit Big Bone Lick State Park. That was the plan, anyway. That's not exactly how it turned out.

The morning started out beautifully, as we couldn't have asked for better weather. After an extremely wet spring and a terribly hot summer, we've had the best fall in recent memory, with clear days and seasonally cool temperatures. Now that the leaves have started to change, the days are simply gorgeous.

I'd planned to go to some Kentucky parks over the summer, but a massive construction project along the interstate kept me on the Ohio side of the river. There is still construction going on, but I decided to take the Anderson Ferry across the river to avoid it.

The ferry has been in operation since 1817, and runs daily, going back and forth across the river continuously from early in the morning until late in the evening. The cost is minimal, and you rarely have to wait more than a few minutes to catch one of the boats.

Clancy and I drove up just as a boat was loading, so we got on immediately. That was the end of our good luck for the day.

Things started to go haywire while we were on the boat, as Clancy was scared to death of it. Since he loves riding in the car I figured he would be fine with this, as we never left our car during the ride across the river. But, Clancy seemed sure I was driving us into a watery grave from the second we boarded the boat. He wasn't convinced otherwise until we got to the Kentucky side of the river and were back on dry land.

While Clancy obviously wouldn't agree, it was a great morning to be on the ferry. There was fog along the river, and the sun looked gorgeous, and at times a little eerie, breaking through it.

Once we got to Kentucky and Clancy calmed down, I figured we were on our way and we'd soon have a great morning at the park. We drove about 30 minutes from the ferry to where I thought the park was supposed to be, only to find that it wasn't actually there at all. I kept driving, thinking we'd come upon it at any moment, but no such luck. We went on and on along various Kentucky state routes, and finally had to stop and turn around.

I'm wondering now if I was on some sort of unknown hallucinogenic drug last night when I looked up the directions. Maybe someone slipped something into my drink when I had dinner. It's hard telling what I must have entered into Google to get the directions I was following.

After my mishap trying to find the Long Branch Farm, my sister gave me an old GPS she had, so I now have one and could have used it to find Big Bone Lick. But, my fake directions to the park seemed so simple I couldn't see any reason to bring it. I left the GPS at home, and spent most of the morning driving around Northern Kentucky as a result.

When Clancy and I were driving home after I gave up and surrendered to my stupidity, we headed towards the Cincinnati Airport, which is actually in Northern Kentucky, as the road back to the ferry is off the airport road. I got off at the airport exit without thinking that the road off the exit is one way, and only leads to one place - the airport. So, we had to go all the way to the airport and circle the terminals before turning around and going back in the opposite direction, and finally getting to the ferry road.

I knew Clancy was mad about getting back on the Ferry, but I told him we didn't have much choice, as the last thing I felt like doing was sitting in construction traffic. We had to wait a bit for the boat for the return trip, and we ended up the first car on board. I told Clancy I was a little nervous this time too, as this was how it looked out our windshield

Thankfully, my brakes were working just fine.  

When we finally made it back to Ohio, I really didn't want to waste the beautiful weather by just heading home after driving all over creation for no reason. Plus, I knew Clancy was fed up with being in the car and wanted to get out and actually do something. So, I drove to our local park, in Delhi Township.

Clancy and I walk at this park regularly, so it is not exactly something new for us. But, the park has a lovely flower garden that is always a pleasure to walk through, so I decided to try and salvage our morning by at least enjoying the flowers.

The garden is maintained entirely by volunteers, and I think they do an amazing job. We did have a great walk, and Clancy enjoyed smelling around and checking to make sure everything in the park was still the same as the last time we'd been there. He seemed satisfied that all was in order.

We had a really nice walk, and got to enjoy the beautiful weather. But I'm not sure I'll ever live down the fact that Clancy and I rode a ferry back and forth across the Ohio river, drove for a solid hour around Northern Kentucky, and went to the airport, only to end up at a park that is less than two miles from our house. I know Clancy was worn out, and no doubt thought I was completely nuts by the time we finished our trip.

It's taken several brick walls to fall on my head, but I've finally learned my lesson. I won't leave home without my GPS again.


  1. My dog used to be scared of being on our boat while sailing and would stand panting on the edge, threatening to jump overboard. So we bought him a life jacket (I know... dogs can swim, but it's really just for the handle on it so we can grab a hold and lift him back in if need be) but ever since we put it on him, he stopped being afraid. Now he just goes below and naps!

  2. Kayla and Nini would agree with Clancy about boat trips, but they don't like cars either.

    The ferry looks kind of fun. I used to take one back and forth to work every day when I lived on Stanton Island. The fun wore off quick.

    Got my Cat Fancy today! I'll be posting a pic of Nini reading your article on Monday. Makayla ran away before I could make her pose, too.

  3. Oh, Julie. I laughed so hard when I read that first part. It is exactly the sort of thing I do on a regular basis. I get turned around all the time when I'm driving, and I minored in Geography!

    Poor Clancy. I'm glad he at least got a walk in the park after all that trauma. And maybe a big bone to lick, er, chew?

  4. I'm sorry you did not find Big Bone Lick. I've also wanted to visit that park but then I've wanted to ride on a ferry as well. Maybe next time. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  5. Ooh. I'm okay with being in boats, though i can't really swim. :) my friends had terrible sea sickness when we went to catalina but I was okay. love the pictures!

    Happy weekend!


  6. Most enjoyable post and superb pictures. Thanks for sharing.


  7. Hi Julie .. and you're a librarian?!?! The name of the park sounds just so much fun - where is it? I'd love to see some pictures of it!! Love ferries .. but can understand Clancy's anxiety - especially knowing his mistresses lack of directional aptitude .. I'm sure Clancy would have found the Park?!

    Cheers have a relaxing weekend .. but the local park looks just beautiful .. Hilary

  8. @Kara, oh, how funny the life jacket made a difference! I wonder if that would work for Clancy too. I doubt it as he has a heart attack when I try to put anything on him, so he'd likely get even more wound up. It doesn't take much with him LOL.

    @Mary, oh, how fun, I can't wait to see the pic of Nini reading the article! Thanks!! Yeah, if I had to take this ferry every day it would drive me nuts. Really I much prefer just driving on the expressway, but I've already been caught in the construction enough this year.

    @LG, LOL, I get turned around so much, it's just crazy. I really never know what direction I'm going. This was by far my worst fiasco though, I don't know what on earth I did LOL.

    @Jules, I've always wanted to see it too, that's why I was so irritated. I may try again when this trauma wears off LOL.

    @nutschell, oh, I can't swim either, that's why I always get a little nervous at the front of this boat. Thanks!

    @Yvonne, thanks!

    @Hilary, LOL LOL, I've no doubt you're right and Clancy could have found the park. Yeah, the name is so bizarre, I've always been curious about the place. It's in Boone County in Kentucky, and there is a herd of bison that lives there, they have some sort of preserve. I really wanted to see it, again it's a shame I didn't take the dang GPS!! Maybe next time I'll make it LOL.
    Thanks, I hope you have a great weekend too!

  9. Julie, to get to Big Bone you just go to Rabbit Hash and continue down the road--we used to ride our bikes there when we were kids!

  10. Hi - I knew there was an intelligent Julie lurking somewhere - thank goodness for friends! All you need is the Rabbit Hash - how could you forget that? Now I expect a post and some pics??? Big Bone and Rabbit Hash .. wonderful names .. Clancy make sure she gets there this time, please! .. cheers Hilary

  11. @Julie, oh my gosh, if I should have gone to Rabbit Hash to get there, then I really screwed up even more than I realized!! I really do think I must have been on drugs when I entered the info into Google maps, what the heck. I will try again, thanks!!

    @Hilary, ha ha, I will try my best to get pics of both LOL!

  12. I don't own a GPS, so my trip would go about as well as yours did. : )
    Great pics! Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  13. I enjoyed your trip -- especially since it was you driving aimlessly not me. Sorry!
    Wouldn't you just love to know what Clancy was thinking -- then again maybe not :-)))

  14. I loved the photos! And I love ferries. I can understand Clancy being nervous, though.

  15. I know a dog that's afraid of boats, too. Glad you found your way back home.

  16. @ER, thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

    @Giggles, LOL, I can only imagine what poor Clancy was thinking. I tell myself I need to put up with his quirks, like being afraid of the boat, since he has to put up with me!

    @Talli, thanks!

    @Carol, I just didn't think about Clancy being afraid, I should have. Lesson learned, no doubt.

  17. Interesting story of a failed adventure with a lessor in it. Never go to unknown places without proper preparation. I was surprised to read the name Delhi which is the capital of India.

    Lovely photos. The sun must have been blazing hot that the camera lens couldn't capture it.

    Best wishes,

  18. @Joseph, thank you, and thanks for coming by. It's great to meet you. Yeah, it is strange about Delhi, the township pronounces it with the emphasis on the "hi" so it's different, but I know it is odd to see in writing. I'm just so used to it I didn't even think of that. Thanks again!


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