Friday, January 25, 2013

Small Things and Huge Thanks

It's Friday and time for another round of the Celebrate the Small Things bloghop, which is the brainchild of Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. The purpose of the hop is to post something you've accomplished this week, celebrate the small victories, and hop around and give others a cheer and a virtual pat on the back.

This week I learned how to add a group of "find me" buttons to the sidebar of my blog, with pictures and links to my other social media pages. I've seen this feature on lots of other blogs but haven't been able to figure out how to do it myself. But thanks to this page, I now know how to do it. I was totally thrilled that I could not only get the pictures onto my sidebar, but also get the links to actually work. Yes, I am a  simpleton. :D

Beyond that, this week has been all about my cover reveal for Polar Night, and I can't even begin to say how much the week has meant to me. Seeing my cover and book blurb around the blogosphere has been such a thrill, and I am beyond grateful to everyone who helped make this week so special for me.

THANK YOU to everyone who shared my cover, tweeted about it or shared it on Facebook, visited my page, or left comments here or on participating sites. If I hadn't already known how lucky I am to have become part of this amazing community, this week certainly would have confirmed that for me.

So thanks again, and thank you as well to Vikki for coming up with this great hop to end the week. I hope we all have lots of things both big and small to celebrate.

Happy weekend, all! :)


  1. Your cover was all over - and it was a week long celebration! Just wait until the book comes out. It will be awesome!

  2. How fun this past week must have been for you, and tiring! That's a lot of posting. All the very, very best to you on your book.

    Yes, ugh, putting all the "find me" buttons for Facebook, Twitter and whatever else you're involved with is a time-consuming chore, not for the weak of heart.

  3. Don't feel like a simpleton. I bowed to the inevitable and had someone else design my blog.
    It was great seeing your cover all around the blogophere this week!

  4. Thanks for sharing the tip about the social media buttons. I used the G+ one to add you over there :)

    Best of luck on the book!

  5. Wait until you see the cover on Amazon and on bookstore shelves! :)

  6. Congratulations on your cover reveal. You must be on cloud eight. Nine will come when you have the book in your hands :D

  7. Polar Night was everywhere this week! And, um, I think in two weeks it will be everywhere again. Cheers to that. :))

    Happy Friday, Julie.

  8. I just signed up for small things and will join you all next week. I can't wait to read your book! I'm happy to help any time. Even if my blog is booked, I find a way to help my friends. :)

  9. It was fun to see your cover everywhere! Excited for the release. Good luck :)

    It took me all day to figure out the side bar 'find me' buttons back when I was learning everything. It seems like such a little thing- but ends up being such a big deal.

    Have a great weekend > Best:)

  10. Figuring out new computer skills are always a bonus on my end! Best of the weekend to you :)

  11. Your cover was a VERY big thing to celebrate and it was v. exciting to see it!

    YAY to working out Find Me buttons, it's so good when you puzzle something out tech wise isn't it! Thanks so for joining in ;)

  12. Love the book cover!!! Very enticing - I know how excited I will be the day that my debut novel's cover is revealed (one day someday) so I am sure you are thrilled!! Also nice work on figuring out the Find Me mystery. There are always so many little things in life that I want to figure out how to do and when I actually sit down and make myself, I usually succeed - but the effort must be made so nice job gettin things done!

  13. Hahaha, well thanks for the lesson. It will be useful to me too as I was wondering the exact same thing. Congratulations again! :)

  14. I'm late to the party, but that cover is gorgeous! So awesome, good luck with the book release! That's definitely something to celebrate.

  15. @Alex, I can only imagine that, can't wait. Thanks!

    @Julie, thank you! And you're so right, for me nothing concerning technology is simple LOL.

    @Laura, oh, that makes me feel better! And thanks again for sharing my cover on your site. :)

    @Mark, oh, thanks, I will add you back!

    @Madeline, it seems impossible to imagine even now. :)

    @Jenn, LOL, so true. Thank you!

    @LG, two weeks, it still doesn't seem possible. Thanks and happy weekend to you!

    @Mary, thank you and see you for the next small things. :)

    @Rebecca, I'm glad I'm not alone with the sidebar thing, I just couldn't figure it out LOL. Thank you!

    @MJ, thank you and same to you!

    @Vikki, thanks so much! And thanks again for hosting this hop, it's a fun way to end the week.

    @JA, thank you, I appreciate that! And I hope your someday comes very soon. :)

    @Al, LOL, I'm glad I could help! I only found this link thanks to another blog, if I could remember where I saw it I would give credit but I am very grateful to the person who shared it. Thanks again!

    @Shallee, thank you!!

  16. Great button, and thanks for sharing how to do it. I will have to add that to my blog as soon as I can. Saves space and all. And congrats again on you book cover. It is an exciting thing.

  17. You deserve a great week. Writing and publishing is not easy. It amazes me that people think you just sit down and throw some words on a page. Congrats!

  18. Glad your cover got great press. It was perfect.

  19. Congratulations on the great cover reveal! I need to figure out how to do those "find me" buttons. I need to find me some time to do it! Have a lovely weekend.

  20. I think we're all lucky to be part of this amazing writing community. Good luck with your new book, and have a great weekend! :-)

  21. Only just saw your cover now - it's awesome!!! Congrats :)

  22. Hi Julie - so pleased you got the "Find me here" links up and running (ie working!) .. well done ... I must get myself organised re a few things on my blog ...

    and as Lexa says we are lucky to be a part of an amazing group of blogging friends who are prepared to share ..

    Polar Nights will be a success me-thinks! I do love that cover ... cheers Hilary

  23. @Nancy, you're welcome, I hope you are able to add the buttons with no trouble. And thanks so much about the cover!

    @Brinda, thank you again for all your support!

    @Susan, oh, thanks so much, I appreciate that!

    @Christine, LOL, I hope you are able to get the buttons on your page, I know what you mean about the time. It's so hard to keep up with everything! Thanks and have a great weekend too.

    @Lexa, that's so true, I totally agree. Thank you!

    @Trisha, thanks!

    @Hilary, oh, I hope you are right about that, thanks so much!

  24. Polar Night has been burning up the blogosphere this past week! Congrats Julie.
    I'm also quite a simpleton when it comes to tech-related things, so you're not alone. LOL.

  25. Your cover was everywhere. It didn't seem like an obligatory thing either - it felt like everyone is genuinely cheering you on. That's awesome.

  26. I'm impressed that you were able to add the "find me" buttons! Glad you had such a successful cover reveal, and I'm really looking forward to February 7th!

  27. @Michelle, I'm glad I'm not the only simpleton LOL. Thanks for the congrats!

    @Tonja, everyone was really great about it, I'm still overwhelmed by it!

    @Julie, thank you so much, and thanks again for helping with the cover!

  28. It's been fabulous seeing your cover everywhere!

    It took me ages to work out how to put social media buttons on my blog as well. Lol.

  29. @Ellie, thanks! And thank you again for helping with my reveal! :)


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