Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Interview with Cathrina Constantine

I'm so excited to be interviewing my friend Cathrina Constantine today for the Blogger Book Fair. Cathrina and I got to be friends last year when we were both learning the ins and outs of getting our books published and it's been fun to share our journeys together.

This is a doubly exciting time for Cathrina because her debut novel is going to be released in just a few weeks! Wickedly They Come will be published on August 24, 2013 by Black Opal Press. I know I will be ordering my copy as soon as I can.

But now without further ado, here is the interview. Thanks for being here, Cathrina!

1.    Tell us about Wickedly They Come. 

My debut novel is a YA/Adult, gripping, dark fantasy. Here is a short blurb:

Haunting visions, unusual strength, and special paranormal talents are the norm for Seeley and her sixteen-year-old daughter Jordan. Their lives become perilous when the leader of The Black Order stalks them, trying to fulfill a prophecy to consecrate Jordan to his lord—Lucifer.

Previously homeschooled and naïve, Jordan is inducted into the social culture of teendom at Elma High, where she encounters Mark, a mysterious new classmate, who is hell bent on keeping her unscathed from the forces of evil. But the battle between Heaven and Hell is escalating—and Earth is their battleground.

2.    What genre or genres do you enjoy writing in?

I typically like to write young adult.

3.    When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

I always liked to write, but never felt qualified. A few years ago I put my heart and soul into my writing and after considerable honing, I might have created something decent.

4.    Do you write full-time or do you also have a “day job?” If so, what is it?

I work part-time for a local College University.

5.    What do you enjoy most about writing?

Like most writers, my characters seem to come to life, and I’m happy when the story comes together. 

6.    Anything you don’t enjoy or struggle with when it comes to your writing?

I don’t like the blocks in my mind. I can stare at a sentence or a paragraph for hours and I reword and revise because I can’t seem to get it just right. During the editing process I become agitated due to my lack of experience. And now the promotional aspect is not my cup of tea, but it must be done.

7.    What other passions or interests do you have besides writing?

My biggest passion is my family and friends. I also spend an inordinate amount of time with my pets. I like to sew and quilt, bake, and read.

8.    Glass half-full or half-empty?

Always half-full!

9.    What would you consider your dream vacation?

I’ve never had a vacation where I didn’t have to cook and clean. So a week’s vacation being pampered and served upon would be great!

10.    What’s your favorite place you’re ever visited?

Colorado—Our Honeymoon! We rented a car and bought bologna, bread, and beer and drove around the state. It was fabulous!

11.    Which of your characters would you say you are most like? Least like?

If I had to pick, I’d say the mother, Seeley. Easy for the least like—Lucifer.

12.    What can you tell us about your next book?

My next book is in its second phase of editing. It’s a dystopian tale, titled TALLAS. It’s completely different than Wickedly They Come. Also, my third book, CATALYST, is in the hands of my literary agent, Sharon Belcastro of The Belcastro Literary Agency.

I’d like to thank Julie Flanders for featuring me on her blog today during the Blogger Book Fair!

You can find Constantine here:

Cathrina and I swapped blogs for the day so you can find her interview with me here. I'm also at Jeff W. Horton's site today. It's been such fun to share space with so many great authors for the Book Fair!

In addition, Shut Up & Read is hosting the BBF Reader's Choice Awards and I would so appreciate a vote for Polar Night! I am listed in the "Fantasy - Mature (1)" category. My Untethered Realms mate M. Pax is listed in the "Science Fiction - New Adult" category for her great book The Renaissance of Hetty Locklear, so we are both pimping for Untethered Realms! 

Go here to vote for us and all of your favorites. Thanks! :)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me on your wonderful blog today, Julie. It does seem like quite a long journey for us, and yet, it's just beginning.

  2. Congratulations, Cathrina! The promotional aspect isn't anyone's favorite, but you'll figure it out.

  3. Love the premise of your novel, and now it's on my TBR list, but Julie's must come first.

    Good luck, and when you figure out the marketing part, please share!

  4. Thank you Alex for your encouragement, and Yolanda for placing my book on TBR list. And your well wishes.

  5. Nice to meet you Cathrina! Congrats on the new book and best of luck on all the future ones.

  6. Congrats Cathrina! Can't wait to read Wickedly They Come!

  7. Driving around Colorado with beer. I did a double-take. hahaha

    Great interview. :)

  8. Congrats Cat and this story sounds both amazing and creepy. No nasty jackass would get to consecrate my daughter to Satan.

  9. Nice interview.

    Tweeted and shared!

    Hugs and chocolate,

  10. Love the title Cathrina. I'm really drawn in by the story you created.

  11. Congratulations! And I agree, when I have readers tell me they love my characters (for some reason, people volunteer to me which ones they'd sleep with), it's a pretty awesome feeling to know they've come alive for someone else as well. :)

  12. Congratulations to Cathrina and thanks for a fun interview,Julie.

  13. Good luck Cathrina with your upcoming release Wickedly They Come. And my family passion too. Regarding vacations, cruises getaway!

  14. Thank you,Elizabeth, it's nice to meet you also.

    And Leslie, I'm so glad you dropped in. Looking forward to your next book.

    Melissa, that's absolutely true about driving around with beer in Co. we actually stopped a dipped the six-pack into a lake to get cold.

    Sheena-kay,keep that jackass, Lucifer away from the kids!!

    Shelly, Thanks for tweeting and sharing. I truly appreciate it.

    M.Pax, it's always a pleasure to receive a compliment.

    L.G. it is awesome for our characters to come to life. I think that's why we have so many sequels.

    Inger, Thank you!!!

  15. Thanks for commenting Stephen. And I've always wanted to go on a cruise, maybe, someday...

  16. Great interviews, both of you. I know what it's like to stare at the same paragraph for hours...those are not my better days. The best days are when the story is flowing faster than I can type, but most days are usually somewhere in-between. I voted for you and Mary. Good luck! :)

  17. Love the summary for Wickedly They Come--sounds just like my kind of book!

    Just voted for you, Julie! :)

  18. Hi Julie - good to see Cathryn here - and your book sounds interesting - good name/title too: Wickedly they come".

    Great that you were able to share publishing information as you learnt your way round that side of the business .. and now marketing - which of us likes to sell!?!

    Have fun both of you with your books .. cheers Hilary


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