Friday, December 13, 2013

Aquinnah Tour, 'Tis More Blessed and Friday Celebrations

I'm super excited to be participating in 'Tis More Blessed today, hosted by Milo James Fowler. I'm giving away an ebook copy (mobi or epub) of The Ghosts of Aquinnah to a random commenter on this post. I'm suffering from Rafflecopter fatigue so I want to make this simple! Just leave a comment between now and Monday 12/15 at midnight and you will be entered to win. If I don't already know you please leave your email in the comment so that I can contact you if you win.

I'm sharing the 'Tis More Blessed stage today with these great writers:

Please stop by and visit everyone who is taking part. Thanks to Milo for hosting this fun giveaway every week in December.

I'm also continuing my blog tour for The Ghosts of Aquinnah today with a visit to Yolanda Renee at Defending the Pen. Yolanda is sharing an interview with Hannah Forrester, the main character in the present-day storyline of the novel. In addition, she is giving away an ebook copy (mobi or epub) of Polar Night as part of the post. Please come visit Hannah and me here and enter to win.

I mentioned yesterday that I owe E.J. Wesley for giving me the idea for these character interviews. Stella Winslow, one of the main characters in the 1884 section of the novel, was interviewed at EJ's site yesterday and you can find that interview here if you haven't read it and would like to. I also interviewed fellow 1884 resident Christopher Casey at Annalisa Crawford's site on Tuesday and that interview is here.

Do you enjoy character interviews? I think they are so fun to do. I love them.


It's also time to Celebrate the Small Things with Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author. I was surprised to read on Vikki's blog last week that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of the start of this hop. I can't believe it's already been a whole year! I've really enjoyed it and am glad Vikki decided to continue it for 2014. Thanks, Vikki!

As for my celebrations, I'm celebrating that I had such a great time with my blog tour this week for The Ghosts of Aquinnah. It's been a crazy week but also very fun. Thanks again to everyone who hosted me and visited me at the various blogs.

I'm also celebrating that I only have one week of work left before I am on vacation for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year and after next Friday I will be off until January 2, so I am totally thrilled about that. You can't beat holidays and vacation time. :)

Finally, I'm celebrating that my Bengals are in first place in their division! It's fun to be so close to playoff season and actually feel like the team has a chance. That doesn't happen very often around here. I hope the Bengals don't revert to typical Bengaldom and choke against the Steelers on Sunday night.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Already visited your stops today.
    Knowing the track record of both teams, one of them will definitely choke on Monday.
    And Mark Koopmans is still looking for someone from Ohio to participate in Fifty States of Pray!

  2. So happy our book tour is going so well! Don't you just love looking forward to a break from work? I know I can't wait to take a few days off. Happy holidays!

  3. @Alex, historically the Bengals would easily be the one to choke but with the way things have been for Pittsburgh this year I have more hope. Thanks for visiting the stops!

    @TB, yes, I am totally ready for a break. Thanks and Happy Holidays to you as well. :)

  4. Great to hear the blog tour is going well!

    And the 'Tis More Blessed Giveaways are great - I'm giving away my ebook next week. I'd lend you the tortoises to pick your winner's name but it's too cold in Ohio. :)

    Have a good weekend!

  5. @Madeline, LOL, agree, I don't think Larry and Mrs. Larry would be very happy right now here in Ohio. Brrr. Thanks so much and good luck with your giveaway next week!

  6. Anyone who wins your book is lucky! It's wonderful. :) And yay for Christmas vacation!

  7. I can't believe I've been taking part in this hop for almost a year, how time flies! I'm also glad it's continuing :)

  8. It is fun to interview your characters.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  9. Julie, I have to say I admire you so for all you are able to accomplish and I don't see how in the world you find time to take part in all these blog events. I am very glad though that you were my minion in the A to Z. Thank you so much for your comment and re. comments, if I should win your book, please draw another winner as I still haven't gotten my act together with wifi and the Kindle.

  10. For your sake, I hope the Bengals win! Congrats on Ghosts! And have a wonderful vacation.

  11. Woah. I've been off line for a couple days and it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do.

    Who Dey!

  12. I'm glad the tour is going so well! I have to go make my stops, been a crazy couple of weeks, but I will.

    Yay for the giveaway! Nice and simple to enter via comments if you ask me :)

  13. Congratulations, Julie, on all the wonderful happenings for you to celebrate...Keep up the good work.
    Best, as always, Inge

  14. You have been impressively busy with your promotion. You deserve the time off for the holidays.

  15. So many blogs to visit- I better get on it!

    Huge congrats on your tour, what a wonderful run around the blogging world for what sounds like an amazing book (maybe one I'll win? Fingers crossed!)

    Congrats on your Bengals and on having so much time off to sit at home watching them!

  16. @Christine, that's so nice of you to say, thanks!

    @Laura, isn't it crazy to think it's been a whole year?

    @Shelly, I think so too. Hugs to you as well.

    @Inger, I'm so glad I was your minion too. Thank you!

    @Cathy, keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

    @LD, yay! :)

    @SK, yeah, the rafflecopters are great but can be a little overwhelming too LOL.

    @Inge, thanks so much.

    @Susan, I am really looking forward to it, thanks.

    @Bev, it has been a lot of fun, I love the blogging world so much. And thank you!

  17. Making my way around the 'Tis More Blesssed sites today. Here's to a wonderful December and those Bengals.

  18. Congrats on your release and taking time to enjoy the holidays. =)

  19. So happy you had fun on the blog hop for your book. Best wishes with your book and I hope you have the best vacation ever!

  20. Julie,

    I've seen your book all over the net and am so please for you.

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be safe. See you on the eighth.

  21. @Lee, that sounds good to me. :)

    @Elizabeth, thanks!

    @Deanie, I appreciate that, thank you!

    @Michael, thanks so much and same back to you.

  22. The highest of sales for your book! Great to be in such a nice effort with you. :-)

  23. Heck yeah!! Enter me.

    Love the idea of listing your Blessings. Although Bengals?! Hm.

    I just hope my KC Chief don't screw it up this Sunday :D

  24. What a great giveaway! So many great books!

  25. You've worked so hard so you deserve a break. I hope it's a fabulous one. :) I have to slice some time and do lots of visiting. So many giveaways, book launches, giveaways (I get the Rafflecoptor fatigue!)

    Have a great weekend Julie.

  26. That's a nice break! Awesome. :) I'm really looking forward to Christmas, too. :) I can't wait to give people their gifts!

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  29. Thanks for all the links! Love that you mentioned "Rafflecopter" fatigue :)

  30. @Roland, I'm happy to be part of it with you as well, thanks!

    @Huntress, LOL, don't hold the Bengals against me. :D It seems like the Chiefs are almost as good at screwing it up as the Bengals are so I hope they don't and you enjoy the game this week!

    @Emily, I think so too, Milo's event is awesome.

    @Shah, aww, thanks, you too!

    @Rachel, that's always fun. Thanks so much.

    @Dana, thanks!

    @Jess, LOL, I really couldn't face another one just yet. :D

    @Sherry, thank you!

  31. As a long time Steelers fan, I'm rooting to win your book this year :-). It's nice to see the Bengals doing well, actually. It's a good team. The book sounds mega cool, by the way. Congratulations.

  32. Your blog tour was great. I had a wonderful time discovering places of paradise.

  33. I've never done character interviews before, only author interviews - but I may try it; could be fun!

  34. Would love to have a chance to win your book. My email is Thanks!

  35. Count me in! Rafflecopter fatigue -- yep, know what that's like. Glad your blog tour went well.

  36. Congrats on your fun character interviews! I love Celebrate the Small things and I'm really glad Vicki thought it up! The Bengals are in first place? Wow! How'd that happen? lol

  37. I just saw your fun interview over on Yolanda's blog. As for Rafflecopter fatigue -- I was so fatigued I couldn't be bothered with it either. Simplicity is a good solution.

  38. Congrats on your wonderful blog tour Julie! I'm glad that you have a well deserved break on the way.


  39. @Stephen, it's a miracle that the Bengals are doing well, isn't it? LOL. Thank you so much about the book!

    @Nana, I'm so glad you liked it, I loved "visiting" all the places during the hop.

    @Marcy, I think you would like them too, I think they're so fun.

    @Cathy, oh great, thanks for entering!

    @Milo, thanks and thanks again for hosting the giveaway.

    @John Paul, thanks!

    @Lexa, LOL, I think hell has frozen over for sure. :D

    @Kristy, thank you!

    @Helena, thanks so much, and I'm glad I'm not the only one with the fatigue LOL.

    @Julie, thanks so much.

  40. Great things to celebrate and don't enter me into the drawing, since I already have a copy.

    And, no offense, but I will be cheering for the Steelers to win. Each team to their own. ;)

  41. Golly, your tireless work to promote your books puts mere mortals like me to shame. I say... good for you! I hope you sell a bazillion copies.

    I hope some of the football games are played in the snow again this week. Watching some of last week's games was like watching in the old days when they played a lot of games in the snow, or in the rain and mud. Good luck to your Bengals. I just hope our Falcons don't stink up the field too badly this week. (sigh)

  42. Would love to win a free book, love these events! Thanks for the opportunity:

  43. Hi Julie,

    If my slow computer cooperates, I shall do my utmost to get to all those sites. Very kind of you to give away an ebook copy of your book.

    I shall also try and get around to your ongoing blog tour as best I can.

    Whenever I see the Bengals' uniform, I think of the Flintstones :)

    Gary :)

  44. What an awesome giveaway!

    Also, I completely agree about character interviews. They're always so fun to read! More authors should do them, IMO!

  45. Congrats on your successful blog tour and giveaway! Congratulations on your new home!! I'm celebrating 1.) living at the beach in California even during a cold snap, 2.) finding out my tooth does not have to be pulled--it's a sinus infection!, and 3.) having my young adult horror story, Death House, get accepted for publishing (woo hoo!), as well has having my short story, "Christmas After All," released tomorrow in a Christmas anthology called A Touch of Winter. Happy Holidays!
    ~Carole Avila

  46. Between the Bengals and Seahawks, it's been a pretty good season for a couple of the NFL's long-suffering franchises. Meanwhile, my poor, pathetic Redskins...

  47. I am also counting down to a break ;) Hurrah for time off!

    I am just happy people join in so ;)

  48. Enjoy your Christmas time off Julie.

    Merry Christmas x

  49. @Cherie, definitely no offense taken. Just a good thing we're not watching together LOL.

    @Susan, looks like your Falcons are doing well so far today. That snow last week was so nuts! Those games were fun to watch but I wouldn't have wanted to be at any of them LOL.

    @Lynda, thanks for entering, it's great to meet you.

    @Gary, thank you! I hope your computer isn't acting up too much, mine is slow too and it drives me nuts. You have a good point about the Flintstones LOL.

    @Heather, I think they are fun to read too! Love them.

    @Carole, thank you, and congrats to you! Great to meet you!

    @Armchair, the craziness between Shanahan and the Redskins has been something else!

    @Vikki, I really enjoy the hop each week, it's such a great idea.

    @Rebecca, thank you and Merry Christmas to you as well. :)

  50. 'The Ghosts of Aquinnah' sounds like an excellent read.

  51. I hope you're resting after all that touring and hopping.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  52. Hi Julie .. sounds like your tour around the blogosphere is going so well. Then also that time off - no wonder you're looking forward to it - bet Clancy is too ..

    Happy times - cheers Hilary

  53. Enjoy your break! It doesn't seem like a year since Celebrate the Small Things started. It's been one crazy year, though!

    The Warrior Muse

  54. @stevie, thanks!

    @Medeia, thank you for taking part.

    @Hilary, LOL, I think he is, he loves when we are all home together. Thanks!

    @Shannon, it has been crazy, no doubt.


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