Thursday, December 12, 2013

Visits to E.J. Wesley and Laurie's Thoughts & Reviews

Just a quick post to say The Ghosts of Aquinnah tour is continuing with two more stops today.

First up, I'm excited to visit E.J. Wesley at The Open Vein for an interview with my character Stella Winslow. Back when Polar Night came out, E.J. asked if I would be interested in doing character interviews at his site. I had such fun doing those that I was anxious to do them again for this book, so I'm grateful to E.J. for giving me the idea in the first place. Please visit us here for the interview!

Also, I was interviewed myself by Laurie at Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews. I met Laurie during my Polar Night Book Blast and she is wonderful about promoting authors and books at both of her sites. Please stop by and visit me here!

Thanks to everyone who has visited me at my stops, and huge thanks to all the hosts who have allowed me to take over their sites. It's been a fun week and I'm looking forward to more tomorrow and next week.

See you at E.J.'s and Laurie's!


  1. Already visited EJ - will visit Laurie!

  2. Character interviews are so fun to do! (and to read)

  3. You're so busy! I'm still flat on my back (figuratively) recovering from the hop. LOL ;)

  4. Wow, I'm so behind. Off to check out your guest posts! :)

  5. @Trisha, I agree, I love them!

    @Lexa, I am about to join you there LOL. Hope you are back to normal soon. :D

    Thank you Heather, Annalisa, and Misha!


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