Monday, December 9, 2013

Visits to the Dragon Cave, the Bard and the Stars

I'm kicking off this week's The Ghosts of Aquinnah blog tour with visits to three very special friends!

First up, I'm over at a certain Dragon Cave sharing a ghost story. I've been told the dwarves love ghost stories so I hope they like this one. Please come visit me there.

I'm also hanging out with the awesome LG at Bards and Prophets and talking about some of my family history on Martha's Vineyard and how it relates to the novel. Stop in here and chat with us!

And finally, I am excited as always to be visiting the star-filled world of M. Pax and sharing my love of the moon. One of my favorite things about visiting M. Pax's site is her stunning photos of the full moon. She was kind enough to lend me one for today's post, so please come and visit us here to see which one she chose.

Thanks to Father Dragon Al, LG and Mary for hosting me today!

Also, I was featured at Kimberly Afe's site Meetings with My Muse on Saturday, so if you missed it over the weekend and would like to be entered into a drawing for an Amazon gift card visit with us here. Kimberly is giving away an egift card to a random commenter. Thanks again to Kimberly for the feature!

The Dream Destination Hop has come to an end and I can't thank everyone enough for participating and making my first time hosting a hop a total blast. Lexa and I will have winners soon!

Finally, just a quick note about the book signing I mentioned in last week's IWSG post. The signing was canceled due to bad weather, so I worried about it all week for nothing. Isn't that so often the case? We freak out about something only to have it not even happen. I was disappointed but of course that is just the way it goes sometimes. Thanks again to everyone who left such encouraging comments on that post.

I'll see you over at the Dragon Cave, Bards and Prophets, or on the moon with M. Pax.


  1. Already visited your stops today!
    Sorry the signing was cancelled.

  2. I love ghost stories. =) Congrats again.

  3. A dragon, a bard, and a stargazer walk into a bar…and buy Julie a drink to congratulate her on her newest novel! You're everywhere today. :)

    And the Dream Destination blog hop was a big success. Lots of fun seeing where everyone wanted to travel.

  4. That's too bad about the signing. I'm sure you weren't the only one who was disappointed. Hopefully you'll be able to reschedule. :)

  5. Sorry about the signing. You scared those dwarves in the cave with your ghost story, though! :)

  6. Ghosts and Martha's Vineyard - both interesting - I must read this book.
    I must also visit M-Pax since I love astronomy.
    Sorry about the book signing.

  7. @Elizabeth, thanks!

    @LG, LOL, perfect. Thanks so much again for hosting me.

    @Rachel, I hope so too, we'll see. Thanks!

    @River, haha, I hope they aren't too freaked out. :D

    @Fanny, oh, if you love astronomy you will definitely love Mary's site. And you are a Vineyard fan? Thanks for your interest in the book!

  8. Too bad the weather canceled the signing. Will you be rescheduling it? I'm off to visit the cave, Bards, and the moon!

  9. Off to check out The Ghosts of Aquinnah now! Sorry to hear about your signing :-(

  10. Wow, you're busy! I'd better get hoping!

  11. Sorry the signing got cancelled, but it sounds like you were pretty busy anyway. Your name kept popping up at all the websites I visit, so I thought I would visit yours. Your book sounds interesting.

  12. That's too bad about the book signing. Hopefully you get to reschedule.

  13. @Christine, thanks! They talked about possibly rescheduling for January, but I don't know for sure.

    @Linda, thank you!

    @Beverly, you better LOL. :D

    @Elizabeth, thanks, it's great to meet you!

    @Sarah, I hope so, thanks.

  14. That must have been such a disappointment about the signing!

    As always, I'm impressed by your blog energy. Go Julie!!

  15. You're everywhere -- it's AWESOME! -- and I want to read each of your guest posts, but it'll have to wait until I've had coffee. See you soon! :-)

  16. @Donna, thanks!

    @Johanna, it was, but the weather really was terrible so I would have hated to go out in it. Thank you!

    @Lexa, LOL I definitely don't want to interrupt your coffee. :D Thanks so much!

  17. The dwarves loved your story, Julie. They will bring you special candies from our trip.
    Sorry to hear your signing was cancelled. Hopefully it can be rescheduled. Plenty of dragon hugs to you!

  18. Now you get to calm down in time for the next book signing. Sorry I couldn't do this hop, I'm already committed to Cheerfest 2.0, Mark's Fifty States post and some cover reveals and book reviews. Yup, busy blogger girl. But I love it. Tired but still love it. Whoo! Now I'm off to fly on a dragon.

  19. @Al, I'm so glad they liked it! And I wish you all the best again for your trip. Hugs!

    @Sheena-kay, LOL, that's exactly it. No problem on the hop, it's great you are so busy and enjoying it!

  20. I visited most of your recent stops Julie. I hope to catch up soon. I'm getting exhausted just thinking about all that you've been doing. Sorry about the book signing. Hopefully, they'll reschedule soon.


  21. Lots of interest for your new book. Congratulations.

  22. So much great stuff going on!!! woo hop

  23. So much great stuff going on!!! woo hop

  24. @Julie, it's been crazy but also fun. Thanks so much for visiting!

    @Lilith, thank you for your comment!

    @Vanessa, thanks!

    @Sarah, oh, I'm so glad you think so, thank you!

    @Hilary, yay! :)

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