Friday, January 24, 2014

Aquinnah's Christopher & Stella and Celebrate the Small Things

Hello and Happy Friday to all!


I missed last week's Celebrate the Small Things hop, hosted by Vikki at Scribblings of an Aspiring Author, so I'm celebrating the past two weeks now.

First up, I'm celebrating that I was one of the Blog Blitz recipients last week and that was such a fun surprise! Thanks to everyone who came by here and visited me. And I want to say a special thanks to D.L. Hammons for organizing these fun little blog blitz parties.

Also, I won a copy of the Triangulation Morning After anthology from Stephen Ramey during last month's 'Tis More Blessed giveaway. I got the book in the mail this week and it was a treat to open my mailbox and see the package in there. Nothing like getting free books!

I'm also celebrating that I finally got some writing done on my WIP. It's a prequel to Polar Night and also ties in to the sequel I am planning, so I'm excited to finally be making some progress on both of them. I haven't written steadily in what feels like forever so I'm glad to finally feel like I may have beaten back my writer's block. I think this picture is what inspired me to sit my butt down and stop whining about being blocked. :D

Source: Jim C. Hines

Finally, Heather Holden drew comics of Polar Night's Danny and Aleksei for me last year and I loved them so much that I asked her if she would do another portrait for me, this time of Christopher and Stella from The Ghosts of Aquinnah. I got the finished product from her this week and I love it. Christopher and Stella are the main characters in the 1884 portion of the story. Aren't they cute? :)

If you don't already know Heather, check out her webcomic The Echo Effect. She is amazingly talented and a super-nice person to boot.

I've fallen way behind on my blog reading and commenting lately and I apologize for that, this month has just been a bit of a mess for me and my focus is all over the place. I'm looking forward to getting caught up with everyone this weekend.

Hope you've all had lots of small and big things to celebrate this week and have a great weekend ahead.


  1. Did you recover from your Blitzing?
    That's really nice of Heather to draw your characters like that. The artwork is very professional.

  2. Glad you're writing a lot. That's definitely the muse I need, especially as I'm oscillating between two WIPs and not doing much on either of them!

  3. That drawing is such a gift.

  4. Yay for starting the prequel to Polar Night!

    Have a great weekend Julie!

  5. Love that "muse" pic! And I'm with you on getting free books.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Julie!

  6. Love the art - how awesome is that!

    Working on a sequel and a prequel - I thought I was the only one doing that. LOL

    I know back to work!
    You too!

  7. @Alex, I did recover LOL. Heather rocks, I love her work.

    @Annalisa, as soon as I wrote that I was writing again I felt sure I would jinx myself and end up back to doing nothing LOL. Have to make sure that doesn't happen.

    @Scribbling, I love it, thanks!

    @LG, thanks, you too! And I know you must be very excited to watch the Broncos next weekend. :D

    @Madeline, I love it too, I have it on my refrigerator LOL.

  8. @Yolanda, thanks! And I love reading that you are working on a sequel and prequel too - yay! Looking forward to both of those. :)

  9. Love that art!
    Glad you got some work done on the prequel and that you enjoyed the blitz ;)

  10. Love Heather's artwork. A prequel is a great idea and one I have thought about myself! Glad you enjoyed the blitz.

  11. Heather is so talented. Congratulations on getting some writing done. I can't believe it's nearly the end of January already. Where has the time gone?

  12. Congrats on winning a book, that's always a plus. And can't wait to check out Heather's site, been waiting for her to return. Have a great weekend, Julie.

  13. It was fun to come and Blitz you. Congratulations on the book and the WiP.
    That's a nice artwork! :)

  14. Glad to hear you're making progress on your WiP!

    And the picture Heather drew is fantastic! So adorable!

  15. It always feels good to write again after a dry spell. And it sure was fun blitzing you!

  16. Could you loan me that muse? I'll only need him for a few hours. Promise! Glad you got some writing done. That always feels so wonderful.

  17. @SK, thanks, I love it too.

    @Suzanne, oh, that's interesting you are thinking about a prequel too - good luck with it!

    @Ellie, I know, it's crazy. But I am also really glad to see this month end!

    @Cathy, thanks so much, you too.

    @Al, the Blitz was a blast for me, such a great surprise. :)

  18. @Cherie, isn't it adorable? Heather is so great.

    @MJ, thanks, I had fun too!

    @Lee, I will send him over LOL.

  19. So glad you like the art I made, Julie! I put it up on my site as soon as I noticed you shared it. And thanks for mentioning my webcomic--I appreciate any help I can get to spread the word about it! :)

    Also, yay you for writing! The fact that Polar Night will have a sequel and and a prequel is so exciting to me!

    And I know what you mean about being behind on the blogosphere. I haven't been on the computer much this week, so I have serious catch-up to do, too!

  20. @Heather, thanks again for drawing this for me and for sharing it! And I'm thrilled you are interested in more from the Polar Night gang, thanks so much. :)

  21. That's awesome that you're working on a prequel to Polar Night. I always feels good to be writing, even though it's hard with all the competing priorities sometimes. I love the comic strip. It's so true. I really should use it as my background. :)

  22. Receiving free books in the mail is GREAT, isn't it? I've been on quite a roll with winning books through Goodreads giveaways, and I love it. (Really good books, too!)

    Hmmm, I could use that kinda cartoon "muse", too. It't too easy for me to make excuses about why I'm doing something else other than parking my keister in the chair and writing. (Now, the keister-parking part, I've got down pat... it's that whole writing, as opposed to reading, blogging, emailing, or reviewing.)

    Happy weekend!

  23. @Michael, that's a great idea to use the comic as a background, I think I will do the same LOL. I need the constant reminder.

    @Susan, LOL, yeah, I'm good with the keister parking too, that's never the problem. I will share the muse with you too. :D

  24. YAY to blitzing and getting back into writing ;)

  25. It must be the best feeling in the world to have your publisher ask you for a prequel and sequel! That means not only do they love you and your books, but they're selling enough to warrant more of them! Yay! Good luck on keeping the scary muse behind you with the gun - keep going on that WIP. You can do it!! :)

  26. I second Lexa! Congrats on all of your success, Julie! Love Heather's cartoon creations!


  27. Best of luck with that prequel! :-D

  28. @Vikki, thanks!

    @Lexa, oh, the prequel is one I had the idea to do on my own since it's not long enough to be a novel but I hope they will still be interested in the sequel. Thanks so much!

    @Julie, thank you! :)

    @Misha, thanks, I need it LOL.

  29. That comic is great, and I love Mr. Hines's work. And I'm quite jealous that you've got someone drawing your characters for you. :P That is very cool, though.

  30. @Mason, thanks! Heather is awesome and her commissions are really affordable, I'm so glad to have found her.

    @Lynda, thanks so much.

  31. LOL! Getting blitzed will put you behind, good intentions or no. It's okay to fall behind every now and then. In fact, I was reading about several people this last week who said it was okay to just do the minimum on occasion.

    Cute comic from Heather. Love it!

  32. I laugh at that muse drawing. Oh my...that would make one sweat wouldn't it. It kind of reminds me of that movie, "Misery."

  33. Love the gun-holding-muse cartoon.

  34. Hooray that you've beaten the block! Yes, that stick guy w/ the gun makes for one very compelling muse.

  35. Sounds like you have lots to celebrate. Happy your writing is back on track and yes, the cartoon is good.

  36. Hi, Julie,

    I'm sorry that you had writer's block... Terrible time of year for it with the FROZEN Tundra keeping us locked inside.

    Do you believe this water? Still in the minuet temps. Second day in a row!

    Glad to hear that you found your muse again and that you're writing.

    I know how good it must feel. I was happy just to stop editing for a day and work on my noir novella. But back to edits again. Ho hum... lol.

    Hope you are staying warm!

  37. I love Heather's drawing. How very nice of her. And glad to hear you're writing. A buddy is reading Polar Night and is loving it. Can't wait to find out for myself.

  38. It's always nice to stop by someone's blog and find tales of celebration and forward movement of WIP :)

    PS... True story.. I have a daily calendar reminder that pops up at 9 p.m. every day...

    It says: "Just Give Me The #*%&*@! Words"

    Whatever works, right :)

  39. @Crystal, yeah, I've definitely been in a "do the minimum" phase this month. Sometimes that's just how it goes I guess.

    @Michael, LOL, I hadn't thought of that but you're right, I can totally see Kathy Bates with the gun. :D

    @Shelly, me too!

    @Nicki, he does, I won't argue with him.

    @Joy, thanks!

    @Michael, yeah, this winter is too much. I normally don't hate winter but these temps take the cake. Thanks and I hope you are staying warm too!

    @TB, oh, I'm so glad your friend is enjoyed Polar Night! Thanks and I hope you will like it too. :)

    @Mark, LOL, now I want that pop up too! Perfect. :D

  40. HA! I love love love that pic. It's so true, and it's so what I need right now. I bet I'd be unstuck pretty quickly if I had that muse behind me :)

    Comgrats on getting more writing in! I know what you mean - it kind of helps with everything when you can do that.

  41. So many things to celebrate. How great that you're writing more! I know I always feel better when my creative life is going well. :)

  42. I've definitely had writer's block lately. I think I'm finally getting over it. That cartoon is certainly inspirational :D

    And Heather is awesome! I read her stuff every week. Your characters look great.

  43. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  44. Love the comic! And congrats on getting back on a regular writing schedule. I know how good that feels!

  45. Sounds like you have so much to celebrate and good luck with work on the prequel!!

    Sometimes I tell my husband he needs to tie me up...sounds kinky, but really it would just be to make me sit still and write longer. ;)

  46. Cool cartoon! And don't worry too much about catching up; we all fall behind at times :)

  47. Hi Julie,

    Those are cute comics by Heather. I'm really pleased that you got some writing done on your prequel.

    I hope that I never get that blog blitz. Please forgive my cynicism, but I think it's most disrespectful when some folks comment with just a happy blitz day and don't actually comment on your posting. Rant over, dear lady.

    In kindness,

    Gary :)

  48. @Liz, LOL, I do think the gun wielding muse would get us all unstuck quickly.

    @Dana, I do too, it never fails.

    @Sam, I hope your writer's block stays gone. And I agree, love Heather's comics.

    @Words, thanks.

    @Carol, thank you, now I just hope I can stick to it LOL.

    @Johanna, thank you!

    @Marcy, thanks, I feel like I've been behind since Christmas LOL.

    @Gary, no ranting from me! I know you hate it LOL.


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