Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 2: Who Roams Here?

Welcome to day 2 of the 2015 Realms Faire, hosted by M. Pax. This year there are twelve games going on, so there are lots of chances to have fun and win prizes. Be sure to check out all of these great games! 

Riddle Me This ~ Dueling Bards ~ Phasers ~ Unicorn Hunt ~ Beware the Vortex ~ VelociRaffle ~ The Hero’s Dilemma ~Stockade Brigade ~ Hall of Doors ~ The Joust ~ Drench-a-Wench/Soak-a-Bloke

Here at the House of The Spirits, I am welcoming a different ghost each day to take over the blog. I will leave clues throughout the day and the first person to guess the ghost's identity in the comments wins a prize. You don't need a google or blogger profile to participate - anonymous users are welcome to make a guess but please just make sure I can contact you in case you are a winner.

In addition, everyone who leaves a comment before midnight on Saturday, 11/14 will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the Faire. The Grand Prize will be a $30 Amazon gift card, an ebook bundle of my books Polar Night, The Turnagain Arm, & The Ghosts of Aquinnah, and the Once Upon a Nightmare Collection ebook set by Cherie Reich.

Want to know about today's prize? Today my ghostly guest and I are giving away a $5 Amazon gift card, an audio book of The Mystery Prince by Mary Waibel, and an ebook of my story The Ghosts of Aquinnah.

Thanks to Mary for the donation!

And now I'll turn things over to today's ghost!

*ETA: Misha Gerricke won today's game right out of the gate! Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter was today's ghost. Congratulations, Misha! I will add the rest of Nick's clues so he doesn't feel short-changed LOL. Thanks to everyone who commented and please feel free to still leave a comment if you would like to be entered in the Grand Prize giveaway.

Who Am I? 

   1.       I was sentenced to death by beheading but the executioner wasn't very efficient

2. Before my unfortunate death I was a wizard of the Royal Court

3. I tried to fix crooked teeth and gave a woman a tusk instead

4. I am the House Ghost of Gryffindor

5. John Cleese played me in the movies

My picture:


  1. Ouch. I've got an idea but I think I'll need more clues!

  2. Someone should've beheaded the beheader.

  3. Madame du Barry? In 1700... or thereabouts?

  4. Misha got it first thing! Nearly Headless Nick is correct. This was a quick game LOL. Congratulations, Misha!

    And thanks all for your comments/guesses! Anyone who would like to be entered in the grand prize giveaway is welcome to still leave comments even though the game is over for the day. :)

  5. Michelle, Madame du Barry was killed instantly. Her last words were in fact "Enfin un moment" (only a little longer.) Sad, really. There was, however, Margaret Pole, who King Henry VIII had executed. In her case, she was in her sixties or something, and the sword was blunt. It wasn't pretty.

    Thanks for the prize, Julie! :-)

  6. Correction: "Encore un moment." :-P

  7. I've seen the movies but never would've guessed the answer.

  8. I know this one! And so did Misha. :)

  9. This ghost had quite the grand adventures, huh?

  10. These are such cute games you're playing for The Realm Faire! Nearly Headless Nick is the ghost. This is an appropriate game for your site!

  11. Aww, I didn't stop by earlier and I might have stood a chance with Nick . . . hmm. I might have to research ghosts tonight so I'm prepared for the rest of the challenge. :)

  12. I always wished they would have kept this character in the other films


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