Monday, November 9, 2015

The Realms Faire Begins! Who Roams Here?

Welcome to the 2015 Realms Faire, hosted by M. Pax. This year there are twelve games going on, so there are lots of chances to have fun and win prizes. Be sure to check out all of these great games! 

Here at the House of The Spirits, I am welcoming a different ghost each day to take over the blog. I will leave clues throughout the day and the first person to guess the ghost's identity in the comments wins a prize. You don't need a google or blogger profile to participate - anonymous users are welcome to guess but please just make sure to leave an email address so I can contact you in case you are a winner.

In addition, everyone who leaves a comment before midnight on Saturday, 11/14 will be entered in the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the Faire. The Grand Prize will be a $30 Amazon gift card, an ebook bundle of my books Polar Night, The Turnagain Arm, & The Ghosts of Aquinnah, and the Once Upon a Nightmare Collection ebook set by Cherie Reich.

Want to know about today's prize? Today my ghostly guest and I are giving away a $5 Amazon gift card plus The Vanished Knight and The Heir's Choice ebook set by M. Gerrick

Thanks to Misha for the prize donation!! 

My guest is getting impatient and wants me to let him/her start giving clues to his/her identity, so I better turn things over to the ghost. This is one guest I don't want to anger. 

*ETA: Just wanted to add in the final clues along with Jennet's picture. She wanted everyone to see what she looks like in the hopes that she could creep a few people out. Thanks again, all for playing!

Congratulations to Susan of I Think; Therefore, I Yam for guessing Jennet's identity!

Who am I?  

1. I am the title character in a book, play, and movie

2. My son died in a carriage accident 

3. I hung myself after my son's death

4.      I wear a lot of black

5. Harry Potter starred in the movie version of my story

6. My name is Jennet Humfrye

My picture: 


  1. Oh my gosh, I have no idea. The things that are running through my tired brain are to embarrassing to share - okay fine, I'll share one - A Christmas Carol but I know that's not right. What a fun contest. Good luck everyone! Hope you do better than I!

  2. No idea either! If I think of an answer, I'll come back.

  3. I've no idea either, but one of my favorite ghost stories is The Ghost and Mrs. Muir - the Captain - Not even sure I have the title right. LOL
    I'll have to wait for another clue!

  4. Ooh, a tough one. I don't know! Huzzah for Realms Faire!

  5. I have no idea!
    A big huzzah for the Realms Faire!

  6. Thanks, all! Just added a new clue! :)

  7. Whoa. I may have to come back to this one later when my brain is more awake.

  8. Hi Julie - no-one can provide the answer just yet - now includes me. Can't think either .. but I'll be a-mulling it over ... take care and enjoy Realms Faire, cheers Hilary

  9. Oh dear. I have no idea who this ghost could be.

  10. Hmm. This ghost had a very tragic life? How goes his afterlife? Huzzah!

  11. You're welcome! This ghost sounds like someone I should know, but I just can't come up with the name. :-/

  12. Hmmm, interesting. First thing that popped into my mind with that last clue is... Johnny Cash. HA! But, of course, none of that other stuff fits. First book character I could think of who got killed in a carriage accident was that child in "A Tale of Two Cities," but I don't remember anyone hanging himself over it. That brings me to a movie, which was appropriately called "The Woman in Black." I'm not sure of the ghost lady's name, but I think it was something like Janette, or Janelle, or something like that. I don't know if the movie was preceded by a book and play or not, though.

  13. You got it, Susan! It's The Woman In Black. My next clue was going to be that Harry Potter starred in the movie.
    I will email you with the gift card and let Misha know about your win so she can send you her books!

    Thanks all for playing!! You can still leave a comment if you'd like to be entered in the grand prize giveaway. Otherwise I will see you tomorrow when a new ghost will be here!

  14. I'm late here BUT I have no idea anyway!
    Congrats to the winner!
    Oh well, I can still be entered in the grand prize giveaway.
    *waves at Julie*

  15. Congrats to Susan! I didn't think I'd get it, but the Harry Potter clue did it for me. I love that movie! Scared the heck out of me!!

  16. Congrats Susan!

    I had no idea, NONE!

    But really cool clues - I don't watch these kind of horror movies anymore, too terrifying. LOL

  17. Congrats to Susan! I'm no HP buff so I wouldn't have got that. I've got both Misha's books though and they'll make a great prize!

  18. How interesting! I've never heard of this before. Thanks, Julie.

  19. Yeah, I wouldn't have gotten this one, although the Daniel Radcliff clue would have led me in the right direction. I think. Hehe!

  20. Wow, creepy pic. I wouldn't have had a clue until the Potter clue. Even then, I wouldn't have remembered the name. Good job, Susan!

  21. I am thinking it is The Woman in Black-well, that's the movie. Very good movie too


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