Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hofbräuhaus

Of all the visits I have made for my A-Z of Cincinnati, this one was by far the most fun. The Hofbräuhaus Newport, which is located right across the Ohio River in Newport, Kentucky, was the first authentic Hofbräuhaus in the United States, and it is modeled after the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1589, the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl is the most famous beer hall in the world.

Cincinnati has a very strong German tradition, so a Hofbräuhaus was a natural fit for this area. The menu is Bavarian, and the beer is brewed onsite under the supervision of a Brew Master from Germany.

I have to admit that traditional German beer is usually too strong for my tastes, but fortunately for me the Hofbräuhaus offers a lighter "Americanized" version. That brew is perfect for me.

My sister is more adventurous and loves the dark beer.

The large Bier Hall makes you feel as if you have been transported to Munich, with rows of tables that can seat up to 250 people, and live music.

The Hall was quiet at the time of our visit since we went in the afternoon, but we did see this one lone accordion player.

A large cabinet filled with old-fashioned bier stiens stands along one wall of the dining area. I loved all of them, but these three were particular favorites.


The Hofbräuhaus also has an outdoor Biergarten, which is a long-standing German and Bavarian tradition.  

As I mentioned in my Findlay Market post, my maternal grandparents and their relatives were all of German or Bavarian descent. My grandfather died before I was born so I never knew him, but I loved visiting my grandmother and her sisters when I was a kid. These were German ladies who took their beer very seriously, and they actually had it home delivered each week. 

I think if they were still alive today they would love Hofbräuhaus, and it would be such fun to go there with them. Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that they would never forgive me for choosing Americanized light beer.


  1. A good German beer hall is a lot of fun. Used to go to one in Madison every so often-long nights. Drinking beer out of large glass boots was good for the soul.

  2. I love those big beer steins. Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  3. You and your sister look so alike! I'm not a beer fan, when I went to Germany, I got it mixed with lemonade XD

  4. I would've chosen the lighter beer as well, so don't feel bad. Looks like a really cool place.

  5. Julie, how fun is that? I was thinking how magnificent it is that you get to tour your own city and fnd these little treasures :)
    great H word, even if I can't pronounce it :)

  6. Now that's the kind of blogging research we all should do together some weekend. :)

    And I'm so proud of myself for actually going in a few pubs in England and ordering from the bar. I ordered wine, but counts. :)

  7. My husband and I drove through Germany on the Romantic Road through all these medieval villages and the beer was just incredible. We also love Bavaria.

  8. Great H post. Loved the pics, someone having a good time.


  9. Beer gardens and halls are a hoot. I'm from German decent, so am versed in these gems. I like Spaten a lot. My current beer of choice.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Great pictures and you and your sister could almost pass for twins! I'm sure your grandmother and aunts would be so proud and grateful for you that they'd forgive you! Julie

  11. I love the idea of these ladies having their beer delivered! Sort of like the old fashioned milk deliveries...only better! :)

  12. Julie,
    Interesting posts on Cincinnati! I love learning about places.

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes

  13. The Christmas beer is very good.

  14. I haven't had a chance to try a German beer before, which is a shame because I, too, am from German descent. This place looks great. I bet it's awesome during Oktoberfest!

  15. Both beers look great. It's almost five o'clock :)

  16. I'm not in Ohio anymore, but I'll surely tell my sister who loves all things Bavarian. And beer.

  17. So many beers to sample, so many fantastic ones! It's always worth sampling just a little, tastes change, and some dark brews are fantastic :D

    Sue: An A-Z of Climate Matters

  18. It looks so much like the one in Munich -- ah, fond memories of our trip last year -- hub had beer; I had mineral water (more expensive than beer!) Now, the biergarten, that's my favorite. Really enjoyed your family connections.

  19. This place looks like a lot of fun.

  20. @Tim, yeah, I used to go to a German place when I was in college in Columbus and we had so much fun singing drunken beer songs LOL. I had forgotten about that place until I wrote this post.

    @Johanna, me too, the steins were so cool.

    @Gwen, I would probably like the lemonade beer too! I've never been to German but hopefully some day.

    @Alex, I'm glad I'm not the only one LOL.

    @Tracy, it really was fun, I've been to this place before but it was fun to go with this post in mind.

    @LG, LOL, I wish all research was like this. I wimped out when I was in England on their beer too, it's all too strong for me.

    @Karen, oh, I bet that was an amazing trip! Sounds wonderful!

    @Yvonne, thank you, I'm glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun.

    @Mary, they really are fun, I wish we could have a beer together sometime. :)

    @Julie, I hope they'd forgive me LOL. Thanks so much!

    @Madeline, yeah, it was really funny. They were elderly too and it just makes me laugh to remember it. They didn't screw around with their beer.

    @Dawn, thanks, I'm glad you liked the posts. Great to meet you!

    @Tonja, I'll have to try that, never had that one. Thanks for the recommendation!

    @Cherie, oh, yeah, it's really silly with all the Oktoberfest stuff. If you try the German beer I hope you like it!

    @Carol, LOL, I can't deny I was wanting one of these beers while writing this, even though it wasn't anywhere close to 5!

    @Em, I hope your sister will like it. I love the desserts they have, so yummy!

    @Sue, I do need to branch out more, I think I will sample next time. :)

    @Kittie, how fun that you went to Munich, I bet that was a great trip. Thanks!

    @Carrie, it really is, I love it.

  21. How fun! And wow-- you and your sister look a lot alike!

  22. Neat beer steins! That's drinking in style. My dad loves dark, dark beers, but I've never been a fan. Though I do like Killian's Red. What a fun, neat place!

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse, co-host of the 2012 #atozchallenge! Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  23. @Peggy, so we've been told LOL. It's funny though as we don't see it ourselves. It really is a fun place.

    @Shannon, yeah, I love the beer steins. Although if I drank more than one I'd probably be on the floor LOL. It made me laugh how big they were.

  24. This place looks fantastic! I love that you are showing such great places so close to my home. Keep em' coming!

  25. Saw your blog title and clicked over from Life of Riles. I'd love to visit Cincinatti and enjoy the Hofbrauhaus. I was at the one in Munich. It's a total tourist trap, but a blast!

    Play off the Page

  26. @Deana, thanks, so glad you like the posts!

    @Mary, oh, hello, thank you for coming by. Tim's blog is one of my favorites. I'd love to go to Munich, I bet that was so much fun!

  27. Hi Julie .. I haven't ever been to a Hofbrauhaus .. beer festivals probably for a short time!! Looks like a great place you've got there for an occasional visit ..

    Great fun post to read .. and lovely seeing you both .. glad you had different beers making it easier to distinguish you ..

    Cheers Hilary

  28. @Hilary, it is a great place, thanks! And, the beer festivals sound like a lot of fun too. :)

  29. Gawd, do I love German dark beer!!! This place is heaven for me. ;)

  30. @Melissa, oh, you would love it then. I might have to get more adventurous and order the dark next time. :)


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