Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Devou Park and Ducks

Devou Park is located in Covington, Kentucky, right across the Ohio river from Cincinnati. The park is nestled up in the hills, so it is well known for its view of the Cincinnati skyline.

Clancy and I headed to Devou Park last month and, because the skies turned the dreary gray that is so typical of the Midwest in the 15 minutes it took to get from our house to the park, the views were not much to look at while we were there. But, it's still a pretty park, and I really liked this view from the park's Drees Pavilion, where a class was learning about Northern Kentucky history at the time of our visit.

In spite of the lousy weather, I did enjoy the early signs of spring that dotted the landscape.

I tried to get a picture of Clancy at the Pavilion but, as is his way, he once again refused to look at the camera.

Since our trip to Devou didn't pan out too well, I decided to add in some ducks Clancy and I have befriended at our local park for my D post. These guys live in our township park and, since we walk there regularly, I've become very attached to them. 

They make me laugh because they are extremely suspicious of Clancy, even though he has never shown any interest in them and in fact has never had any interest in chasing other animals at all. But whenever Clancy and I approach, one of the ducks sounds a warning call to the others, and they all high-tail it in to the water. I can't help but laugh because they look so cute and funny when they are waddling away. There's no question they are more graceful in the water. 

During the winter the park is home to a large flock of geese, but I think they've moved back to their northern home now. Clancy is just as glad to see them go, as he is terrified of the geese. His fear stems from an incident a few years ago when the whole flock took off in formation just as we walked past them. Clancy jumped a foot, and has never forgotten the incident. He believes in giving the geese plenty of space.

He's fine with the ducks though, and I always look forward to seeing them on our walks. 

Also, it's the first Wednesday of the month which means Alex J Cavanaugh is holding the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Insecurity is never far from reach for me, so at the moment I am insecure about being able to finish the A-Z Challenge! I had such good intentions for writing all of the posts in advance, but I think I will be a "put everything off to the last minute" person until I am in the grave. It's a terrible habit, but somehow it always seems to work out. Here's hoping it will again.

Thanks as always to Alex for hosting the group!


  1. I've actually been to Covington. I have some good friends who live in Cincy, and on one visit back in our college days, they took us over the border to check out Kentucky. I don't think we went to Devou Park, more just a drive-around. I think they wanted to show us where Jerry Springer got busted?

  2. Beautiful pics! I actually love that kind of gray weather. Seems to clear my head. Too much sunshine distracts me, I think. : )

  3. What a pretty flowering tree!

  4. You and Clancy have such neat adventures and I love reading about them.

  5. Ha! Julie, I'm the same way. I had such good intentions about getting my posts written ahead of time. Managed to get up to letter L. Will have to scramble when I get home.

    Always enjoy the photos of your outings with Clancy.

  6. I love those beautiful pictures. Especially the tree all in bloom. Thanks for posting them!

  7. It's very pretty....I've never been there before! I love the bridge over into Kentucky!
    Thanks Julie...

  8. Wonderful photos. Clancy didn't want to get his photo taken? :D
    I think I'm the same like you Last minute person. When I think about it, I sort of love the last minute pressure..LOL

  9. You can finish the Challenge, Julie! I have faith.

  10. I'm discovering all sorts of interesting places relatively in my backyard. I enjoyed the pictures.

    My Cocker had the experience of a large flock landing. She was beside herself--the invasion of the Body snatchers for sure. She's also seen them take off and she did the whole short run at the end of her 20' leash as if to say, 'I am big and bad, so there!'


  11. Awesome post and the pictures are wonderful.


  12. Love your photos. Spring still hasn't hit our area. We woke up to 2-3" snow on the ground, which is very unusual for April 4. Good luck with finishing the A-Z. I am confident that you will do it.

  13. @Tim, oh yeah, LOL, that is where the infamous Jerry Springer incident occurred. It's still funny to me to think he was the mayor when I was a kid LOL.

    @EJ, you would love it around here if you like the gray LOL. It's the normal color for winter here.

    @Gwen, I thought so too!

    @Karen, thanks!

    @LG, oh, I'm impressed you got up to L! I only made it to B LOL.

    @Johanna, I'm so glad you liked them, thanks!

    @Tracy, oh, I'm actually creeped out by that bridge LOL. It's a big issue right now because it is so old and needs repair, and they make it sound as if it could collapse any minute. I'm always glad when I reach the other side of it no matter which direction I am going LOL.

    @Cecilia, yeah, Clancy hates the camera LOL. I think the pressure seems to be best for me too, I work best that way, but it's hard on my nerves LOL.

    @Alex, I hope so, thanks!

    @Sia, oh, I cracked up imagining your cocker, how cute! Nice to meet you, thanks for coming by!

    @Yvonne, thank you!

    @Cathy, oh my gosh, I can't imagine having snow now. We got really lucky this year and didn't have much of a winter at all, I was so glad LOL. Thanks for the good wishes!

  14. These are some really great pictures and it really seems like you had quite an experience.

  15. Lovely post. I'd wondered where Cincinnati's skyline photo was taken as there was nothing to interfere with the photo. Clancy is just a shy, lovable guy.

  16. Great post and photos. I'm from the Midwest (Toledo) and so remember those gray, dreary days, but you caught the beauty.

  17. I drove by that park once. Look at what I missed! :)

    DL @ Cruising Altitude 2.0
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  18. I've never been to Devou Park! Maybe I'll drag my parents there next time I visit Cincinnati. I've never been to Newport Aquarium either...perhaps that will be your "N" entry?

  19. Lovely park. As for the Challenge, you're doing wonderfully. You can finish it! :)

  20. I want to meet Clancy. I love the recounts of the ducks and the geese. Beautiful pictures, too.

  21. Lovely park. And no doubt, you'll finish all of your A-Z posts. We've got faith in ya, kid.

  22. Great photos! Don't worry about Clancy - he enjoys showing off his strong profile :)

  23. Love the beautiful pics! Spring is one of my favorite seasons (Fall being the other.) :)

  24. Beautiful pictures! I love skylines.

  25. Beautiful pictures and those ducks seem so content. I am a last minute person but now do a little bit of pre scheduling.

  26. Great pictures Julie! I haven't finished all of my posts either. I'm a few days ahead for now, but with the holiday coming up I know I'll have to rush to keep up. You put your all into everything you do, so I know you'll finish with flying colors! Julie

  27. Clancy and my three boys would get along like a house on fire... I've got 59,000 pics of them and six where they're looking at the camera :)

  28. @Murees, thank you, I'm glad you liked the pictures.

    @Kittie, that's what is so nice about the view, I imagine on a sunny day it is gorgeous.

    @Em, thanks! Yeah, the dreary days can really get to me sometimes.

    @DL, I've driven past it 100s of times and never turned inside. Of course when I did I brought on the rain LOL.

    @Jennifer, oh, actually I've never been to the Aquarium either! It's so expensive and I've just never cared about going. If I didn't have an N in mind though I'd have to think about it, good idea.

    @Christine, thank you, I hope so!

    @Susan, LOL, Clancy is definitely a character and I can't deny he makes me laugh all the time with his antics.

    @Susan, thanks, I think I need it LOL.

    @Carol, LOL, that's a good point. Clancy knows that is his good side LOL.

    @Cherie, I agree 100%, I love spring and fall. It's a shame they both go by so quickly!

    @Emily, me too, thanks!

    @Rek, the ducks are really cute, I get a kick out of them. I'm going to try and get some more posts knocked out over the holiday weekend, keeping my fingers crossed.

    @Julie, yeah, the holiday couldn't come at a worse time as far as posting, but I'm hoping I'll have time to get caught up sometime over the weekend. Thanks!

    @Mark, LOL LOL, I guess it's true what they say about kids and animals with pictures. Your sons sound like a lot of fun.

  29. I don't blame Clancy on the geese. They can be mean. One of my cats rolls her eyes at me now whenever I take a photo. Then she won't open her eyes. I can't believe she learned to roll her eyes. I need to get that on film some day. It always makes me laugh.

  30. @Mary, oh, I'd love to see your cat rolling her eyes! That's too funny. I always feel like my cat is rolling his eyes at me in spirit, but he doesn't actually do it LOL.
    Yeah, I tend to agree with Clancy on the geese. They are pretty to look at but I don't want to get too close.

  31. That first skyline picture is fantastic!

    And I'm writing my posts as I go along too. In fact, for most of them, I'm thinking them up as I go along :-)

  32. @Sarah, oh, I'm glad I'm not the only one! I hope we both get through the month without going nuts LOL. Thanks!


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